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1: AP World History E109

2: Office Hours E87A

3: CP US History E310

4: CP US History E310

5: CP World History E114

6: Office Hours E87A

7: CP US History E318

8: CP World History E109


Phone:  720-554-2367



Cherry Creek High School

9300 E Union Ave

Greenwood Village, CO 80111


Tutorials Offered During Office Hours or by Appointment in Office E87A.



Note Taking Guides:

Y'all, a little background on me - I used to be an AVID teacher so I LOVE Cornell Notes. I encourage you to use this system because I love how they are a built in study tool and will streamline your study process if you give it a chance. I am posting some tools to help you with this process. However, ultimatley you will come to find a strategy that works best for you and the way you think (but be honest, if it really ain't workin', you need to try something else). Below are some of my favorite resources for notetaking. 


(Editing for hybrid/remote learning: We will largely be using virtual notebooks for your notetaking. Many of the strategies included here can be worked into your digital notebook as you see fit.)

Cornell Notes Template 02.doc
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Thinking Maps Graphic Organizers.docx
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